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Gnarly video alert! It's "Bogie", straight from Side A off the Twin Trances LP!! Some great clips of the fellas drinking and cruising Cheshire Bridge Road, former home of Alfredo's, who had the best veal chop in the world. Keep it dialed in here, as the TT is making a new record right f'n now!





Shit man. The new Twin Trances is droppy dropping very soon. The rock hits the streets early August '15. Test drive the big enchilada to the left and see what you think, and you can also buy the shit you need RIGHT HERE if that's your jam. "Shutout" is the first video and the first track on Side B. Run and tell that. Check em out live on July 10 at Drunken Unicorn and August 13 at Star Bar!





Hell, anybody like Sabbath? Yes? No? Maybe? I think it was about a year ago that I seriously considered driving to one of their Florida shows but then the live clips started to creep out into the world and it just seemed lame-o. The new drummer lacked the Bill Ward bounce and the new tunes, well, just not my jam. I would've liked to have heard a whole lp's worth of material when the Fleetwood Mac singer was in the band for like 30 minutes in the late 70s. Tune has that pack of ciggies for dinner vocals vibe with roaches crawling up your leather pants. An extreme side note: check out Twin Trances on April 24 at Mammal Gallery w/ Megafauna from Austin. They be bad. Then there's the Glen Iris concert at the same place on May 10 w/ Sioux City Sue. Toodles.




Twin Trances vid is out! Watch it. Who's that ONE guy in it? On the horse? It's driving you crazy. Anyway, TT and Glen Iris are both still recording and post-producing right now so we will not bore you with the details. They're putting a lot of love into their rock though, and 2014 will bring sweet payoffs!




Check it out buddy! New Twin Trances shirts! We will get you suited up for just $10 and even throw in a free 4-song TT cd for free to boot, because you're too smart to pay full price!




Summer is here. Let's have some fun. Have a few glasses of a nice chardonnay, get down to a pair of army green briefs and then down to nothing except some real personal territory. You know it's so right it can't be wrong (or it's so wrong it has to be right). Great stuff. Then go run along and see the two Glen Iris gigs June 28 and June 29 (at 97 Estoria and Art Bar in Columbia, SC both w/ the Unawares).




Wet Rainbow plays with The Subsonics and The Cynics on April 20th at Star Bar. Should be a really wicked show. Check out some grainy vid action of Subsonics while you're waiting. Glen Iris and Twin Trances, you say? Why they're rocking their jocks too. Both bands are in the studio tracking new rock and roll fever in the sexy Spring. Things are solid!




New vid for Glen Iris' "Tired of Doing Right". Check out a full stream of its album (its mothership), ROUND AND ROUND, right here. They got shows at Inkaholiks on MARCH 22 and The Basement APRIL 5. Also, go see Wet Rainbow at 529 on FEB 27 and Star Bar on MARCH 27 - because that would be really rad too.




So! Twin Trances has added Jacob Anderson (from defunct noise punks Resons) on bass. It's a nice extra vein of sludge within the rock. He also rocks a bunch of wacko no-name gear from an era when the kids all seemed to be talking about Grand Funk's Born to Die lp. The fellas' second show will be at 529 on December 14 with Order of the Owl, Halmos, Demonaut and Totally Awesome Dudes. It's a benefit for Paws Atlanta complete with raffles and blitzkriegs of ear ruining entertainment. Please come rock with us, possibly save a cuddly pet and maybe win an Orange amp or a Lace pickup.




Twin Trances is the new heavy rock project founded by Chris Strawn and Chris Brooks. Check it out right goddamn here. Each song download is 50 cents. Note that it is 49 cents less than what amazon.com asks for a download of "I'm Coming Up" by Diana Ross. So if you haven't bought any of these tunes, you're basically out of your mind. They love to party and make tunes in a way that Sabbath and Chrome would vouch for, when they're not wasting their time emailing each other silly workout videos when they're at work.




I remember watching Looker back in 1983 when we finally got HBO. Disturbing stuff. "And my areolar distance is 5 millimeters". Since we're on the subject of areolas, Wet Rainbow performs AUGUST 30TH AT THE EARL WITH PUFFY AREOLAS. I've got one of their records. It rules... Also, do not miss GLEN IRIS at CORNDOG APOCALYPSE ON JULY 28TH and at STAR BAR on AUGUST 9TH. Should be solid.




Shows. Go to them..........: WET RAINBOW: May 3rd @ Star Bar and June 2nd @ Artlantis (Ponce de Leon & Highland)................... BRASS CASTLE: May 19th @ 97 Estoria.................... GLEN IRIS: May 27th @ The Earl.......... When you're not watching these bands, you should watch Hendrix in Maui.




We've thought long and hard about two things you should go and do. Here they are. Wet Rainbow w/ Young Antiques & more: Feb 23 at 529. Glen Iris w/ Pontiak (Thrill Jockey): April 5 @ The Earl. None of these bands sound like Silkworm. I mean, they're all still rad and all...




Happy New Year. Wet Rainbow is performing at Encyclomedia [1526 Dekalb Ave] on Saturday, January 21st. This is some footage from the Halloween show. They're usually not this flamboyant and it's a little outta synch but you love it anyway.




Frank really kept his cool here and won that amazing bedspread for audience member Diane. Also, check out this Brass Castle vid from Union Pool last month (courtesy of our bra Cary Whittier).




wet rainbow

Wet Rainbow! Justin Hughes recorded these tracks which you can download for free, motherfucker. Craig Johnson (Walk from the Gallows) sings, writes and plays guitar, Chris Strawn plays lead guitar, Erin Santini (ex-Knaves Grave, Untied States) on drums and David Spence (Kreepy Molestache, Chambers, ex-Chandu's) handles bass and there you go. File around Cheap Trick meets Nirvana with Josh Homme guitarz but with happier endings. They just rocked their first show last Saturday at the Bleu House. One couple liked it so much that they drank vodka behind the amps. More soon.




I watched the Geraldo special on the satanic panic in my teens. I had a crush on Anton Lavey's eloquent & very cute daughter too. Ozzy should not have appeared on this program. Look at his sad head on those tv sets. But it does make for a great hangover cure, if you can stomach the dipsy uploader comments. Watch all 9 parts! Geraldo: "Listen, what about this ten-thousand souls, buster!".



The closest we ever got to playing with Missing Persons was the time that I almost bid on one of Dale Bozzio's canceled checks on eBay. Ex-hubby Terry puts the Jame with the Gumb up on this one here.



Brass Castle's "Change Your Mind Tonight" video has been uncorked. Turn it up & grab a partner.



Production for Brass Castle's "Change Your Mind Tonight" video (check out the live clip of the tune @ a 2008 Drunken Unicorn show here) is almost finished. Sneak peaks indicate that it favors wild birds, disco dancing and Abraham Lincoln. You will see it here first and very soon, guaranteed!



lays basil tomatoe

Mike Watt and Ricer on Friday @ The Earl! Also, These new Lay's Garden Tomato & Basil Potato Chips are a real joy to bring to your next outing. A hit with friends for 2 straight Sundays now, most first opinions are all wrong, the flavoring is nothing like tomato sauce! The subtle "all natural" basil flavoring is the difference maker. Oh and they don't leave the roof of your mouth completely raw and scratchy like the other Lay's Kettle chips, or like Cape Cod, Zapp's, etc. Go get.



Glen Iris will be taking a break from live shows until April 9th when they’ll appear at the Music Room. They’ll be sharing the bill with local great guys Charges, Columbia’s Tunguska and Vibe Dials. For now they are recording, recording and doing more recording. If you need a dose of them right this very second, check out the “Virginia” video.





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