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twin trances

Twin Trances

A lascivious, robot-to-ass, sludge party zone. An epic void shifting into measures of broiling, tactile, goop-hot US Festival rock, spun with the melancholy anthems of the last in line by a couple of washed-up male models. Like, if the inside of a jet ski had actual brain matter or something. Get some of it here.


glen iris

Glen Iris

Rock unit made up of refugees from Rock*a*Teens, Brass Castle, Salts and The Close. Round and Round album (courtesy of Moodswing Records) still available, released the “Horseless”/”Big Hatchet” 7” in 2009. Currently re-upping everything, no way we've heard the last of them!

"Imagine your classic rock radio fried on bad drugs, blown through a busted speaker. Electric guitar is god here; its frayed melodies slither through muck-thick bass-drums low-end... Deep Purple, Blue Öyster Cult, Black Sabbath — cut with grunge-era fuzz and squawk — Melvins, late Nirvana, late Black Flag. Like skuzzy rock & roll purists like Royal Trux, Glen Iris ramp up the static & the sneer to bring forth the hedonistic filth & the fury of rock & roll’s most brazen excesses. This ain’t pretty, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be captivating." - Free Times (Glen Iris on facebook)


brass castle

Brass Castle

BC's formal debut Get on Fire was released in 2003, followed by their s/t release on Velocette Records (2006). Contributed "Bookworm Resin" to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie; scored music for the Adult Swim cartoon "The Drinky Crow Show" & added the track "Sinister Thunderbird" to the ATL comp lp We No Fun. Their latest, Cancer Daze, was recorded at Chase Park in Athens by former Georgia Bulldog kicker Billy Bennett.  

“Cannibalizes the classic rock machismo & frenzied fretwork of Ted Nugent, then haphazardly welds the parts to punk noise just a few db's lower than the thunder The Locust crap out. The musicianship is startling and it’s got cocksure attitude - from more than a few shots of courage and a case of Old Milwaukee... screams at you like a losing football coach, you just go on eating riffs as tasty as a breakfast fried in butter after a night of heavy drinking. A great last meal for someone on death row.” – Lost at Sea (Brass Castle on facebook)


chris strawn

Chris Strawn

The solo album I Left My Hat in Hades was released in 2008. "War Song" was the tune off ILMHIH that WREK and WRAS put into rotation (you may or may not recall - Mike Huckabee was all the talk that Summer). A stash of leaner, meaner tunes should be released before the Marines leave Iraq.

I Left My Hat in Hades features 14 songs that wander through disparate bouts of paranoid pop, metal, electro and acid rock, while upholding his penchant for lurching surrealism and lo-fi fuzz. The bedroom recording qualities, frazzled arrangements & drug-addled logic of each song pull together in fugue-like moments of elongated rhythms and hooks that reveal an art-damaged side of bi-polar rock aesthetic.” – Creative Loafing (Chris Strawn on myspace)




90’s Jacksonville band that smelted its rock from twisted 70's riffs, pop, Jesus Lizard-like meatpacking and elements of pure jazz, credited to the outstounding saxophone work of Brian Hicks (rest in peace, 1970-2010).

“Song one is called "Florida Woman." And it's a disjointed mess of loud trash rock, wild jazz, and a bit of rockabilly. In other words, it's excellent! They jam, too, which makes this perfect driving music, like for a long ride across Alligator Alley or on the way up to see your Tallahassee Lassie. "Garden Deluxe" has that same, untamed sound of hot blood and gasoline pouring down the highway. Same goes for "A.M." and "Ole Steel Teeth." – Ink 19 (Gizzard on myspace)


the ovens

The Ovens

College pals Chris Strawn and Charles Sample comprised The Ovens. They met in a small jam-space in an on-campus chapel that was furnished with an enormous, white double kick drum set.

They specialized in lovely, spacey quiet guitar songs like "Lagroon" neighbored by heavier, post-punk barrages such as "If I Were Trapped". They released a cassette in 1994 entitled Crop Circle Chords.





Christian Gordy (voice, guitar), Dave This (bass) & Sean Irwin (drums) crammed convenience store floor scum, melted hard drives, neurotic housecats & the first ZZ Top lp into a retarded cuisinart to create a new southern rock. 2 tapes & 2 7 inches followed, the tunes produced in "a concrete storage unit on Beach Blvd in hot ass fucking florida". That place was Lockhaven Mini-Warehouses. Call them up - get a really nice room. They shared one with Gizzard most of the 90's. Sadly, Dave This died in April 2005 & the south lost one of the coolest motherfuckers ever. Irwin also played w/ Joe Parker (ex-Common Thread) in Celestials. Gordy did Brass Castle, played bass in Cheeseburger, manages his blog wesley snipes the artist and now fronts the trio Blackout. (Dampading on myspace)



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